What We Do

We cover the following issues. However, we are not just limited to these issues.

Right to Protest & Gather

The Right to protest forms a key part of promoting and protecting democracy. Governments work for the people and are elected by the people, they are not ultimate powers without consequence. The removal of the right to protest and gather is a method of removing opposition to Government and imposing breaches on Human Rights.

Defining Democracy

Democracy means rule by the people. A democratic country has a system of government in which the people have the power to participate in decision-making. Democracy is a beautiful concept. However, if left unchecked, Governments can move powers into their own hands to gain power and control over its people. Therefore, it is essential that democracy is upheld to the utmost extent.

Freedom of Religion & Belief

The ability to believe and pursue a faith without persecution. The protection of religion and belief is essential, as the removal of these pillars of society often result in a serious breach of Human Rights, and even crimes against humanity or genocide.

Freedom of Speech & Expression

A fundamental Human Right that is integral to a free and open society. Quite possibly the most important Human Right, as the removal of these rights always result in the deterioration of democracy.
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