If you haven’t heard, the United Kingdom has dropped a majority of its Covid restrictions. However, it has recently come to our attention that this may have likely only been a mirage in order to calm dissenters and protestors who were opposing mandatory vaccination. Why would they do this you ask? Well, UK Parliament has recently been trying to pass through amendments to the “Human Rights Act 1998” that directly undermines issues that are, and have been, critical breaking points for many during the covid ‘pandemic’. The consultation for the Human Rights Act Reform closes on 8 March 2022 and is an issue of extreme importance for UK citizens. 

Here is a direct excerpt: 

“57. Potential scenarios could cover a situation where an individual was likely to spread a

particularly infectious disease with high human mortality to a significant number of others, or

where there is an immediate risk that a particularly hazardous contaminant could be released with

serious consequences for human health. Any assessment of whether the threat was serious and

imminent would be done with regard to the advice of the Chief Medical Officer (“CMO”), and

emerging local or global scientific advice.


58. The following special restrictions and requirements may only be contained in regulations

which indirectly enable their imposition (i.e. they cannot be imposed directly by regulations, they

could only be imposed by a decision taken under the regulations):

– a requirement that a person submit to medical treatment,

– a requirement that a person be removed to a hospital or other suitable establishment,

– a requirement that a person be detained in a hospital or other suitable establishment,

– a requirement that a person be kept in quarantine.


59. As a result, a decision to impose those requirements could only be taken in the most

extreme circumstances where there was a serious and imminent threat to public health, and it is

considered that, because of the nature of the threat and the circumstances at the time, the decision

would be proportionate to the overall aim of protecting public health. It should be emphasised that

a decision to impose such requirements would only be taken where individuals did not voluntarily

accept such constraints and whose actions in doing so would put the wider population at significant



There are some things here that are clearly very alarming. The CMO will be able to require a person to submit to medical treatment, be removed from a hospital, be required to quarantine and require that a person be detained in a hospital or ‘suitable establishment’ (whatever that may mean). Essentially, you may be forced into taking a vaccination and even possibly being kept in a form of medically mandated detention centre’s.  On first glance, it may seem like this would never happen, as it quotes “serious and imminent” threat’s to public health. Well, not so long ago covid was that exact same category of threat and was the catalyst for some of the worst political, legal and policy decisions of the modern world. We saw lockdowns, vaccine mandates, forced business closures, shutdown of schools, shut down of elective surgeries, locking out the ‘unvaccinated’, and the list goes on. At first, all of these reactions to covid seemed warranted, however, it is now clear to see that these actions were not warranted as more accurate information is revealed and the damage that has come from it has been beyond catastrophic. So, what is stopping the UK Government from wrongfully declaring a “serious or imminent threat”, like we have seen with covid, and forcing millions into detention, mandatory medical procedures and removing people from hospitals? The answer in reality is not much, as the CMO can provide advice and guidance to the UK parliament and then it’s full-steam ahead from there. 


 What does this mean for the UK and the rest of the World?


 If you’re living in the UK, we urge you to write to your local members and any representatives to show your dismay toward the Human Rights Act Reform as soon as possible. This is of utmost importance as there could be any ‘strain’ of covid or any new bioweapon that ‘escapes’ a lab in China that may deem such extreme measures necessary, according to the CMO and medical bodies, that will directly impede on your liberties and Human Rights. 

For the rest of us, it just goes to show that we are only one “consultation” or Bill or amendment away from losing a substantial portion of our civil liberties and Human Rights that our ancestors fought for. In Australia, we are still fighting for the end of lockdowns and vaccine mandates, a place the UK was in only a few weeks ago, and we must not forget that the dropping of all these covid-related policies does not equal the return to ‘normal’. We must ensure that we do everything we can to stop any of the events from the past two years from happening again. 



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